Combination of the Best and the Biggest:

There are different kinds of people when it comes to shopping. Some shop, some window-shop, and some even shoplift. But the feeling entirely different when walking through the hallways of not any mall, but the best and the biggest in the world. Classifying malls based on how big they are and the quantum of landmass they cover is quite subjective the list keeps changing time and again. Classifying them based on consumer base and profitability is also difficult as it is also prone to fluctuations. But if there is a combination of the best and the biggest then that is something we have to talk about. So here we are to share some interesting and never-known-before facts of the world’s biggest mall.

Wafi Mall

Wafi Mall:

The world’s best and the biggest mall is Wafi Mall situated in Dubai. The standard size of each room in the mall is not less than 753.5 square feet. It is an architectural beauty which is located near the magnificent Khan Murjan Souk Wafi, Dubai International Airport, and convention centers. It came into existence in the year 2001 and has more than 200 stores at present. The glass used in the buildings were bought from different mosques and temples of the Islamic world.

The Wafi mall was built by drawing inspiration from the ancient Egypt. It has 30 pyramids shaped restaurants and provides a lot of entertainment options for the visitors. The hall largely comprises of Arabian vendors now after the expansion it consists more than 350 shops, including a lot of branded stores which cater to almost everything that the visitors want.

Top 5 reasons to shop in Dubai:

Now that you know where to shop in Dubai, you should know why Dubai is the best place to shop.

  • Many shopping hauls that are released today are from the shops of Dubai. The minute you see someone posting a video of what they bought in Dubai, you will know shopping in Dubai is a great deal.
  • Dubai has something called the shopping festival. You must be the luckiest person if you are there to witness the festivity. Crazy offers, huge discounts, and unbelievable entertainment.
  • You would have hardly gotten over the festival excitement, you will immediately get the summer surprises in all the shopping corners of Dubai.
  • You never have to get to the malls to buy stuff, you can simply go, wonder at its structural beauty and get back home. The malls are inspired from the Egyptians and carry the same flavor.
  • And finally, Bargaining is something that all of us are good at. We are so equipped enough to irritate the seller, that at one point he either sells it to you and feels relieved or curses and sells it to you. Either way, once you start to bargain it is all yours because bargaining works really well in Dubai.

Now that you know enough about the biggest mall in Dubai and have enough reasons to shop guilt-free plan your next vacation to Dubai and have fun.