The Thai history:

The Thai history

Origin and Governance:

The first of all Thai states was believed to be a Buddhist state. This was after it sought freedom from Cambodia and became independent. It is officially recognized as the Kingdom of Thailand and it is a constitutional monarchy where a King is the head of the state. There are no principles of democracy or capitalism and they still follow the age-old style of governance. The whole of Thailand is divided into 76 provinces classified under 5 groups.


Thailand is the heart of the Southeast Asian continent. It occupies about 200000 square miles of the landmass. Thailand is surrounded by all natural borders and has a tropical climate. The mountainous borders of Myanmar, the Mekong River, and the Dongrak mountains, guard the nation from all directions. The land area of Thailand is so fertile and is apt for cultivation. It is called the “Rice Bowl of Asia”


The concept of Buddhism is adored more as a philosophy than a religion, however almost 95% of the people in Thailand follow the doctrines of Buddhism meticulously. Though there are other religions like Christianity, Hinduism, and Sikhism at considerable levels, the people of Islam find it had to trace their roots in the soil of Thailand.

Major tourist attractions:

The top 5 places that are spots of major tourist attraction in Thailand are as follows:

  • Railay Beach: Known as one of the best destinations in Thailand, Railay Beach also has a Diamond Cave that lets the visitors get some rest or take a sun bath.
  • Phi Phi Islands: With Monkey beach in it, where you can have the fun of your life, the Phi Phi island is the home of the best resorts in the country. It is also the best place to watch the Thai sun go down.
  • The Grand Palace: A Thai tour is incomplete if this magnificent palace is not a part of your checklist. In it resides royal halls, ancient relics, and the temple of Emerald Buddha.
  • Khao Yai National Park: Elephant is one thing that Thailand people are obsessed with. Be it the living ones or the artificial ones. Khao Yai Park is the Sanctuary of elephants, exotic birds, and apes.
  • Sukhothai Old City: For all the patrons of world history, you can find solace only after getting a glimpse of this place. It is also recognized as a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Beautiful things about Thailand:

  • Though there are lots of beautiful beaches all around the world, the tropical beaches always standalone. You can feel the filtered solar rays penetrate within even while you enjoy the chillness of the beach.
  • The people out there are very friendly and helpful. They share the warmth of their hearts even before you could tell them who you are. It is something that you don’t get to see everywhere
  • You can get a glimpse of all types of people in Thailand. Even the simplest things in Thailand can attract a large scale of tourists from all over the world, which gives the place an international flavor.
  • Food is what that comes as a hurdle for most of us who love to wander. But it is the most convenient thing in Thailand. You have the right to feel hungry even during the small hours and will always be lucky enough to find some eatery open outside.
  • The cheap and the best things are heaped here. So Thailand is one of the best places to shop as well.
  • If you love hiking then you can never find a better spot than the lush green jungles of Thailand. Dense forests, waterfalls and a variety of wildlife are more than enough to whet the appetite for fun and trill.
  • Last but not the least, one can never forget to mention the goodness of Thai massage that has the power to restore peace within.