Most folks who live in apartments have probably decided that it wouldn’t be practical to try to have any type of garden. For some people this idea is really depressing and it is one of the motivating factors they have for leaving apartment life behind for a house with a yard. For others it is merely a small disappointment and they try to make do with a few houseplants.

Look on the bright side! You can have a garden if you live in an apartment – and it is not that hard to do. Keep reading and follow our tips and you, too, will be the proud owner of a flourishing apartment garden.

Plants to Grow

If you aren’t picky about which plants you grow, choose your plants based on the size of the containers that you have on hand, or that you plan on buying. Pay attention to the size of the plants as each one will have a specific size requirement for its container – from 1/2 wine barrels to antique tea cups. Choosing the containers you prefer lets you plan the ambiance you want to create with your indoors garden. There’s no reason to settle for big pots and containers when you can also have smaller plants and containers that are just as attractive.

How to Pot Plants

Do some research and you will learn all you need to know about which plants to use and how to pot them. Fortunately, you have a lot of control in setting up your apartment, so that your plants have the maximum chance for success. On the other hand, you only have limited control over the atmosphere in your home. Some plants simply have a harder time thriving in cooler climates with lots of moisture and others find dry and arid climates to be difficult. And, unfortunately, you only have limited control over your environment. When you buy your plants, keep their requirements as to atmosphere in mind, and make sure they will do OK in your home’s environment. This way you can avoid disappointment when a plant doesn’t do well.

Hanging Plants

Consider the benefits of hanging plants. Plants that you can hang from your ceiling are great space savers when you don’t have room to place a lot of containers around your home. Obviously this will not be a good idea for larger plants that require bigger containers for their root systems. There are, however, plenty of plants that can grow and thrive in the smaller containers that you can hang from your ceiling. And an additional benefit to hanging plants is that they are protected from your pets and children. This will help your plant grow better when their containers aren’t disturbed or the soil dug up.

There are so many different ways that you can grow a garden when you live in an apartment. Even people who do not have balconies or patios can grow thriving gardens indoors. The trick is to do your homework, do your planning and practice some patience. It may take some trial and error to create your perfect garden but, it will happen. Over time, however, if you work at it, a thriving and beautiful garden can be yours. Quit brooding about not having a garden! Go online or visit your library and learn what you need to know.